The following testimonials are from business and home owners. We survey, install and support energy saving solar panels, thermal systems, ground and air source heat pumps.

We would like to say a big thank you for all our customer feedback.

Mark & Sarah


There are still knights in shining armour!  There are still decent people who believe in customer service and delivering above and beyond. 

Picture the scene.  Water leaking from a 200 litre hot water cylinder in the middle of the COVID-19 lock-down. The company who installed the Thermodynamic System weren’t interested in helping.  Other calls to local providers fell on deaf ears.   

A week with no hot water and an endless number of towels drying on the washing line as every two hours we had to remove and replace in order to soak up the water. 

Things were getting desperate until we called Chris at Yorkshire Energy Systems.  He listened to our plight, told us he would ask one of his colleagues to come out within 24 hours despite other work commitments, Guiseppe arrived in his Mercedes Van – the cavalry had arrived. Four hours later and the tank was emptied, the leak sealed, and we were back in business – Guiseppe a model of professionalism and a top Yorkshire lad to boot. 

Gentlemen we are so grateful.  You answered our plea and you sorted the problem offering a first class service at fair and reasonable price. 

As you know we have already asked for a proposal to replace our system when it fails and we won’t be going anywhere else and we won’t be getting three quotes.  

 Anybody reading this heart felt testimonial – give these guys a call.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Thanks again


Mark and Sarah

Jason & Rachel


We wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your team for a great job on the installation of our air source heat pump.

From the initial interactions with yourself at quote stage through to the installation team of Giuseppe, Dimitris and Alan and not forgetting Rowena in the office, every person has been helpful, friendly, professional and customer focused.

We appreciated your assistance in ensuring we satisfied our planning permission requirements and Rowena for keeping on top of the paperwork.

The 3 guys during installation treated our house with respect, cleared up every day, answered loads of questions from me and worked well to get the project completed as swiftly as possible.

We would not hesitate to recommend you and your team at Yorkshire Energy Systems to any of our friends and neighbours. In fact we already have!

We are very pleased with our installation and currently enjoying a nice, warm comfortable house.

Thank you once again.

Jason & Rachel

Phil, near Ripon

I am writing to thank you and your team for the excellent job in specifying and installing the ground source heat pump at our house.  We have lived with the new system for a few weeks now, so I am able to give some early feedback.

We spoke to a few possible suppliers before choosing you – before we got onto pricing, you were the clear winner due to a clearly-explained, facts-based selling process.  The advantages of the system were described well and our concerns were dealt with.  Your industry does have a problem with some suppliers talking about the RHI grant first and only then about the technology.  I wanted to replace an expensive oil heating system which caused me sustainability concerns due to its carbon footprint.  The RHI was important, but my decision did not depend upon it.  Competitors tended to price their estimate at the level of the RHI grant – something I saw as commercially “lazy”.

Your installation team were fantastic – great people to have in our house and very skilled.  As you know, the integration of a GSHP into an existing heating system is non-trivial.  The installation went well and worked first time.  Your team remained positive despite having to work outside in awful weather conditions.

We are delighted with the performance of the system.  One benefit I hadn’t really considered enough is the fact that my house is always warm – this may sound daft, but I ran the previous expensive oil system differently – it ran “hard” for two 3 hour periods a day and the temperature oscillated accordingly.  Some rooms at the extremities of the system never got properly warm unless we lit our log burner.  We run the GSHP “always on / ready” with the thermostat set at 19.5C during the day and 18C at night – and the whole house has time to warm up.  This means we now use rooms which were previously chilly a lot more. The new radiators are far less intrusive than I feared.

We are really pleased with the hot water temperature – in fact it is so good that for a while I feared I had switched the immersion heater on by mistake.  I have recently turned the thermostat for the water down as it was too hot!  I believe the Kensa hybrid heat pump has something to do with the hot water performance and this seems to be a sensible specification.

It’s too early to tell about economics, but the demand seems in line with the winter estimate.  In this wet and quite chilly November / December, my Nest data shows the pump has been running for between 7 and 13 hours per day pulling about 6kW.  So about £230 for a high demand winter month at 12.8p/unit.  I was spending £2,800/year on oil before, so with the summer months I’m confident there will be a big saving.

We’re happy to show prospective customers the system if that is of help. Many thanks again for the excellent service.  I have attached some photos.

Phil, near Ripon

Mr Milburn

Hi Chris,

I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how the heating system is working since it was installed in October 2017.

You were one of three quotes that I acquired but were the only one that fully explained everything to me in terms that I found easy to understand, you also took time to explain how the renewable heating grant worked.

When your staff came to install the equipment I have to say that they were very efficient and got on with the job in hand also cleaning up after themselves, I was asking questions about how the system would work when it was up and running and they all took time to explain to me what they were doing at each stage of the install, they also explained how the system worked when it was up and running although I did struggle to understand the workings but if I rang up you or Giuseppe you took time to  explain what to do and were very patient with me.

After the heating system was installed and up and running there were a couple of teething problems that arose over two to three weeks but when I rang you didn’t try to get out of sorting the problem out you arranged with me a time to come out which was suitable for both sides and rectified the issue which I was very happy with, I know you can get teething issues with any equipment.

I have to say that I am very impressed with the performance of the equipment and also with Yorkshire Energy Systems including you, the lads that came to my property and I must give Rowena a mention too for being patient with me when I contacted her at the office a couple of times.

I am letting people know how good your system is and have no problem in recommending your company as to date I am saving money on my electric bill which is averaging around £5 to £6 a week.

Mr Gray

Dear Chris,

It’s the moment of truth – the end of the first year of electricity only, with solar panels and heat pump, the latter installed at the start of November 2015.

By my calculations I have finally got some figures which I hope are reasonably accurate!

October 2014 – November 2015 (our first year here) – annual cost £1551 (on gas)

October 2015 – November 2016 (no gas, heat pump) – annual cost £ 903

So that is quite some saving, and does not take account of the FIT and RHI payments, of course, though I count them as capital repayments, rather than part of the running costs.

Best wishes

Tim Gray

Mr Galley

I want you to know that I have been really pleased with the service of your company. When we initially spoke I really appreciated all the advice and assistance you gave me and I felt it was refreshing that a business still seemed to actually care about customer relations and giving the correct advice rather than what is best for the pocket. Throughout the process you have been a pleasure to deal with and proactive in giving advice and understanding that I have limited knowledge in the renewables sector of building services.

Your guys have done a great job and they are friendly, professional and a credit to your company.

I will certainly recommend you to other people.

Mr Jones

I wish to express my thanks for the excellent work which Yorkshire Energy did for us in December 2015. In that rather frenzied atmosphere with the governments deadline looming, we really appreciated the clear and professional way that you explained how the system worked and what we could expect, and the thorough way that you approached everything.

The ‘in roof’ integrated solar PV panel array which you supplied and fitted looks really good, blends into the roof superbly and was installed with great skill and care by Giuseppe and his team. As you are aware, I was set against having any kind of surface mounted system to our concrete tiled roof as I think they look ugly and I have concerns as to costs that might be faced for future access for basic roof repairs or maintenance. I am therefore very pleased and delighted with the end result you have created for us with the Viridian integrated panel system and enclose some recent photos which amply prove the point!

The wiring, inverter and meter installations were all installed with care and skill and you have left us with a neat and professional job. The system is working well, despite the awful winter that we have all experienced. However, with the recent bright clear and cold days the power generation figures are looking very good.

Thank you again for your assistance and advice and please keep in touch particularly on the issue of energy storage that we touched upon. If I recall, you were a little sceptical regarding the performance or the value for money aspect of the battery storage possibilities but did say that things were changing and developing all the time. I was interested to read in the press recently regarding the ‘Teslar’ battery storage and wonder if you are starting to offer anything to customers as yet or whether you still believe the technology needs to be proven?

I hope business is good for you and please pass on my best wishes to all your crew.

Ms J Flatt

Hi Chris

I have been intended to drop you a line for the last couple of months to say how delighted I have been with my solar panels since you fitted them in September 2014.

I have enjoyed my FIT payments (“sun money”) to just shy of £550 and have been astonished and delighted to see my monthly energy bill drop from £103.68 to £54. So with the combination of the two, my panels will have paid for themselves in only 5 years.

I continue to be thrilled by the appearance of the panels which I think are the best looking ones I have seen in the area. (They are a great landmark for visitors too!) And of course I have wonderful memory of your superb fitters, whom I cite as an example of excellent customer care whenever appropriate.

Thank you once again for your superb knowledge and guidance. This is one of the best investments I have ever made!

Best regards

Jill Flatt

E Wright

We could not be more pleased with the service that we received from everyone at Yorkshire Energy Systems.  From the beginning of the process to the end, Chris Wilde appeared knowledgeable and informative and went to great lengths to accommodate our unusual requirements. He got back to us at every stage of the process without us ever feeling pressurised into making a decision before we were ready to.  Giuseppe and the team that carried out the installation were excellent, arriving punctually each morning and communicating with us at each stage.  The site was left in a very clean and tidy manner, despite the unexpected excavation of quantities of rubble during the installation.  We have total confidence in the team, the company and the products they installed for us.

E Wright

Ms Jill Flatt

Of the three companies I had visit me, I found your information the clearest to understand quiet and knowledgeable delivery was very reassuring. I also found your evident enthusiasm for the concept of renewable energy truly engaging. The fact that you told me about other products that I could progress onto in the future made me feel, not that you were pressurising me but were wanting to engage in a longer term customer support relationship.

On the day of the installation the guys arrived promptly and Giuseppe was very engaging from the start which made me feel confident in them. I immediately felt safe leaving him in my house as I went to work. I had been told the job may take 1.5 days so was delighted to find that they had finished, and cleared up, after only 7.5 hours! Giuseppe also suggested that I look in the loft so I could see their work and answered my questions without being in the least patronising!

I was also extremely grateful that they mended and cleaned my guttering and while up their ladders, reattached a wire on the side of the house that was nothing to do with the installation!

The scaffolding service was excellent too, taken down immediately after the installation had been done. Although a couple of tiles had been broken, they offered a solution and reassured me they would be mended quickly.

I am delighted with the appearance of the product and my neighbour (an excellent plumber) has commented on the neatness of the trunking- high praise from him!

Now that we are enjoying a sunny September I can already see the panels doing their job!

I am already telling friends about YES, so I hope you get more trade as a result.

Many thanks to the whole team!

Jill Flatt

(A very satisfied customer!)

Mr and Mrs Skillin

Dear Mr Wild,

Now that the installation is complete and our system has been working satisfactorily ever since, we thought to write expressing our thanks.

Out of the five companies who answered our enquiry for solar panels, we found yours to be the most professional and competitively priced. We were delighted with your staff who fitted the system and the on-going after care is far more than we had expected.

Please know we have no reservations in recommending your company’s services.

Yours sincerely with thanks

John and Barbara Skillin

Mr and Mrs Hogg

We are delighted with the service provided by Chris Wilde and his team. The whole process was impressive and faultless, the installers arrived at 08:15 and we were generating electricity at 16:00 with our 3.5kW system (on a very overcast and cold day in March!). At 09:00 the following day the system was generating 2kW.

Chris was also kind enough to arrange to have our chimney stack repointed at the same time, thereby saving us a significant amount of money for new scaffolding etc.

We feel it important to mention the superb installation team. At a time of significant unemployment it was a real pleasure to meet a team of hardworking, well-mannered young people – and we would extend the same compliments to the scaffolding team.

We will of course recommend the company to others, starting with our own daughters and granddaughters!

Mr Keith Bradshaw

Dear Chris and Team

This note is to express my thanks to you and your team for a thoroughly professional level of service in the installation of a solar panel system on my house roof last month.

Right from the initial discussions you demonstrated a thorough knowledge and gave me clear guidance on the options available to install the system. This enabled me to make my decision to install quickly, as time was of the essence with a change of feed in tariff looming at the end of March. I was particularly impressed by the level of communications and speed of response which kept me fully informed and enabled the system to be up and running well ahead of the end of month deadline. All of this was achieved without any compromise or shortcuts, particularly in areas such as cable runs and roof brackets that were installed with care.

The system is running very well and early indications are better than I expected in terms of power output. In order to maximise the use of the generated power I am now changing habits and using the dishwasher and washing machine during the day at no cost in electricity.

I am extremely satisfied by the quality and level of service I experienced and have no hesitation in writing this note as a positive recommendation of a company to do business with.

Best regards and sincere thanks

Keith Bradshaw

Mr Brian Ratcliffe

During the last few years we have installed a ground sourced heat pump, PV panels, and most recently a solar thermal panel. The later was installed by Yorkshire Energy Systems Ltd. In retrospect we wished we’d used this company to install all three systems. We were impressed by their professionalism. Unlike some companies Yorkshire Energy Systems gave good advice and demonstrated an extensive understanding of the subject particularly with respect to satisfying RHI requirements. They also took trouble to tailor a system to our needs and not just try to sell us the most expensive system. We were kept informed of when things would happen and they invariably kept to the times given. The company completed the work to a high standard, rather than to an acceptable standard, and they also carried it out with a minimum of disruption and mess.

The initial quote included a system that by the time the installation was due to start was superseded by an improved slightly more expensive system but the initial quote was honored.
Our experience dealing with Yorkshire Energy Systems Ltd was a very positive one and we would strongly recommend them to anyone considering green technology installations.

Mr Tony Hind, The Avalon Group


We received our first cheque last week of approximately £1600 – our return is currently running at an annualised 16%. As a tax free investment option it’s almost too good to be true.

With regards,

Tony Hind
Finance Director
The Avalon Group

Mr Alan Renwick - King’s Lynn

From the initial discussion of our needs, to the installation of our system I have been very impressed with the service provided by Chris and his team. No high powered sales technique, but clear and accurate answers to all of our questions, meant we felt very comfortable that we were getting an appropriate product for our individual needs. When it came to the installation I was very impressed by the team, the quality of the finish was of the highest standard. The installers were polite, hard working and professional, a real credit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Yorkshire Energy Systems.

Mr Tim McCrea

Hi Chris, our current reading is 420kwh. The utility company changed our meter as we were reverse feeding. Regardless, everything is running very nicely. Very happy all around. Roll on summer. Thank you.

Tim McCrea

Mrs Carole Rowbottom

I cannot believe I have the solar PV system up and running in less than a week from the initial quotation to completion. What a professional, helpful and friendly team from Chris, Anne in the office and Giuseppe and Matt who carried out an awkward installation in a most upbeat and efficient manner. I would highly recommend the services of Yorkshire Energy Systems to anyone contemplating installing solar panels.

Carole Robottom , Leeds

Mr Robert Kelly

I chose Yorkshire Energy Systems to fit my solar panels. I was impressed with the survey and the presentation and there was no high pressure sales involved.

The installation went smoothly and the installation team were very polite and respectful. I was particularly impressed with the care the electrician took; he made sure he did not puncture the roof felt with the cabling.

They even took my old boiler out of the loft for me!

The after sales service was excellent and they took care of all the paperwork for me. They helped me fill in my FIT form and then sent it registered post to my energy supplier for me.

I would happily recommend Yorkshire Energy Systems for their no pressure sales presentation, their excellent installation, their helpful and polite installation team and their customer care.

Mr Kelly

Mr Johnson

Please convey our thanks to all members of your team at Y E S.

The management team are first class insofar as helping us through the process, no hard sell just straight help.

As for the team they are a most professional and helpful set of chaps, nothing & we mean nothing is too much trouble for them to show and explain.

The motto of your company should be “NULLI SECUNDUS”

Thanks to you all.

Marlene & Jim Johnson

Mrs. Reading, Blackpool

Hi Chris,

Thank you for everything – your fitters were great – no mess, no noise – we hardly knew they were there. Pete was so impressed by how neat the job is. And thank you for taking care of all the paperwork for us that was a great help. We will certainly recommend you to all our friends.